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Diet Tea ProdutS

Fadi Herbs Diet Tea Products are natural beverages with no preservatives or artificial colors or flavors. When you take it regularly, it nourishes and accelerates ‘internal cleansing’ of your body.

فیوجین ڈائیٹ ٹی خالص قدرتی اجزا سے تیار کردہ ڈائیٹ ٹی ہے جس کے استعمال سے نہ صرف آپ کا وزن کم ہوتا ہے بلکہ آپ کو دوسری مختلف قسم کی بیماریوں سے بھی نجات ملتی ہے (جیسا کہ ’’قبض اور گیس کی بیماری‘‘)

100% Natural

Fadi Herbs Diet Tea Products are made with 100% natural ingredients

Most Effective

Fadi Herbs Diet Tea Products are very effective diet teas GUARANTEED

Quick Result

Fadi Herbs Diet Tea Products effects quickly with positive result in few days

No Side Effects

Not a single side effect of using the Fadi Herbs Diet Tea Products

Why we must use fadi herbs Diet Tea Products On Daily Basis?

Stressful environment, heavy work pressure, poor dietary habit (heavy meals with lots of fried food), and lack of exercise…. all these can contribute to build up of toxins in your system. Your intestines are like drainpipes in your kitchen where grease and other ‘rubbish’ are constantly poured down the drain. If it is not cleaned regularly, the oil and grease will slowly form a film around the insides of the pipes, and will eventually clog up the drain.

When this happens in the intestines, the result is poor absorption of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, protein, etc.). The body does not get the needed nutrition for peak performance resulting in a sluggish, dulled metabolism, and the body tends to store and retain fat rather than burning it off efficiently.

Made with 100% natural ingredients Fadi Herbs Diet Tea Products are an all-natural, beverage with no preservatives or artificial colors or flavors. Taken regularly, it nourishes and accelerates ‘internal cleansing’ of the body. Carefully prepared with Asia’s time proven herbs, this traditional herbal tea:

  • Cleanses and removes toxin.
  • Improves metabolism and absorption of nutrients.
  • Balances Endocrine system, improves circulation, and enhances immunity.
  • Eliminates fat storage and water retention
  • Promotes better overall health while controlling weight problems

Constipation! Mother of hundred diseases

removes by fadi herbs Diet Tea products



قبض سو بیماریوں کی ماں ہے۔ قبض کی وجہ سے انسان ذہنی تناؤ، بلڈ پریشر، شوگر اور بہت سی دوسری بیماریوں میں مبتلا ہو جاتا ہے۔

قدرتی طور پر قبض کو ختم کرنے کے لیے اپنی اچھی خوراک (ایسےکھانے جن میں فائبر کی مقدار زیادہ ہو) کے ساتھ فادی ہربز کی بنائی ہوئی ڈائیٹ ٹی پراڈکٹس کا استعمال کریں اور اس کے ساتھ ورزش کا بھی اہتمام کریں۔

ان سب طریقوں پر عمل کرنے سے نہ صرف آپ کا جسم ٹھیک رہے گا بلکہ ذہنی طور پر بھی آپ اپنے آپ کو تروتازہ، خوشگوار اور ہلکا پھلکا محسوس کریں گے۔

Some diseases by constipation

Abdominal Pain

Colon Cancer

Blood Pressure




Heart Attack

Intestinal Gas

Mind Stressing

Fadi Herbs Diet Tea Products are help to accelerate therm-genesis or fat burning process in the body to help get rid of stubborn bulges. To stay slim and healthy, the gastrointestinal system must function well. If ‘toxins’ are allowed to accumulate in the intestines, the person will feel tired and sluggish, experience bad breath, water retention and an accumulation of excess fat in the body.

Fadi Herbs
Diet Tea Products

Fujian Gold Diet Tea

Fujian Gold Diet Tea

Diet Excel Slimming Green Trea

Diet Excel Slimming Tea


Diet On Slimming Tea

Diet On Slimming Tea


Fujian Diet Tea is for those peoples who needs on regular basis. (People who wants to fit and active and must not be constipated etc.) It’ll also maintain your weight.
Fujian Gold & Diet Excel Tea have same functions, these teas also works like Fujian Diet Tea but they are different from Fujian Diet Tea because of its most effectiveness and quick result. Simply for those peoples who want to reduce their weight quickly without any side effect.

If you want to become slim quickly then use these simple steps.

  • Use Fujian Gold or Diet Excel Tea instead of Fujian Diet Tea on daily basis.
  • Think positive and concentrate on gratitude.
  • Eat vegetables.
  • Exercise day by day.
  • Get a decent night’s rest.

Use Fujian Diet Tea on daily basis it will give you lots of benefits (Explained Above) without any side effect instead of white tea or other simple green tea.

Fujian Diet Tea products are made with 100% natural ingredients with zero percent chance of any side effect on your body (100% approved by different types analysis) .

Fujian Diet Tea Products are the only diet tea products which will not effect on your KIDNEY(S) at anyway. Mostly diet tea, green tea, weight lose medicine products or other diet supplements will definitely effects on your KIDNEY(S).

  • Unsuitable for women in pregnancy or lactation period.
  • Unsuitable for those peoples who are facing serious issues with their kidney(s).

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